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Registration Services

To provide quality business support services that are responsive to our members services include; NHIF, Hospital Registration, products, insurance etc

Universal Health

We are committed to playing a positive, active role in the development of a better healthcare system for the country, As we move to the universal coverage

Legal Representation

We protect our members from unfair accusations & assist in legal matters and/or prosecutions by making representations on their behalf to government & non-governmental organizations

Insurance Claims

We will help you through the claims process so you can get your claim paid quickly and smoothly and fast without delay

Dispute Resolution

We represents multifaceted interests of members & the health industry as a whole in bringing amicable satisfaction to both parties

Grants and Loans

help you discover grants for small hospitals in the current market, and few government schemes and grants funding


Providing employees with relevant and consistent training can help improve performance and efficiency in the workplace