Monitoring & Evaluation

The advice and guidance of an experienced monitoring and evaluation consultant can be instrumental in steering an organization and its programmes and projects towards success, encouraging positive transformation through continuous learning and improving.

APH KENYA delivers inspirational and innovative monitoring and evaluation consultancy services to help organisations learn and improve.

Equipped with a team of knowledgeable and professional monitoring and evaluation consultants, we are an expert in assisting organizations maximize their impact and implement interventions that work.

We believe in working closely together with our clients to achieve great things. Elkay Solutions offers close and personalized support to organizations. The ongoing support and feedback provided by our evaluation consultants enables our clients to learn and improve.

Our approach towards evaluation consultancy combines a distinct orientation towards collaboration with technical competence, flexibility and a deep understanding of the evaluation design and implementation process.

Our monitoring and evaluation consultancy services are comprehensive and well-balanced. Skilled monitoring and evaluation consultants will deliver any necessary impact assessments and programme evaluations, in addition to the development of monitoring and evaluation frameworks and theories of change. In conjunction with this, our monitoring and evaluation consultants can recommend and provide in-house training on a range of subjects, such as questionnaire design and interview techniques.

Reinforced by a proven history of success with diverse organizations, the monitoring and evaluation consultancy services provided by us are well-established and trustworthy. We at APH KENYA are committed to improving the impact practice of organizations and in cultivating an evaluative culture.